Woman saves child from choking at Super Bowl party

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Woman saves child’s life during Super Bowl party by performing CPR

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By  Published: Feb 6, 2014 at 6:11 PM PST Last Updated: Feb 6, 2014 at 9:00 PM PST
COVINGTON, Wash. — A Super Bowl party turned to panic for a Covington family after their 3-year-old daughter choked on a meatball and they now credit the quick-thinking actions of a guest with saving that child’s life.”It was close to the end of the first quarter and Connor, my 4-year-old son, came downstairs and was like ‘Mom, Sydney’s making weird noises’ and I didn’t think anything of it,” said Bree Fontenot who mentioned the adults frequently checked on the children during the party.At that point, Fontenot’s friend, Bri Webb, decided to see what was going on.

“I walked up the stairs fully expecting to walk into some kind of pretend crawling around game and that’s not what was happening,” said Webb who found Sydney lying at the top of the stairs.

“She just didn’t look well,” said Webb. “When I got her up into the bathroom I thought she was going to throw up and when I brought her to the bathroom I realized she was not getting air and there was a problem,” said Webb.

Webb called Fontenot to come upstairs and that’s when Fontenot realized there was an emergency.

“It wasn’t until I walked into the bathroom and she was doing the Heimlich on Sydney – had her bent over her arm,” said Fontenot. “I was like freaked out. I just kept telling her ‘Save her.’ ”

During the Heimlich maneuver, Sydney went limp. Her mom tried to scoop pieces of a meatball from the child’s mouth but Sydney stopped breathing. Webb then began CPR.

“When I gave her the first breath I watched her chest rise and fall so I knew she was getting air,” said Webb.

Webb gave Sydney four or five more breaths and said the girl was breathing on her own before medics arrived.

“I’m pretty sure I said ‘Yes!’ I think I might have cheered louder for her than I had cheered in the first quarter of the game. I was so, so relieved and so happy,” said Webb who is now credited with saving Sydney’s life – a week after she renewed her CPR certification.

“That’s definitely what saved her life. Definitely. She got in and saw the chest rise,” said Gabe Debay who is a Shoreline firefighter and taught Webb’s recent CPR class.

“Honestly, it’s hard to hold back tears because I teach lots and lots of people but you never really hear the good stories and the good outcomes,” said Debay.

Sydney’s family now encourages others to get CPR certified and to take your child’s concerns seriously.

“Listen to your children because if we all would have just blown off Connor when he said that Sydney was making weird noises it could have been so much different,” said Fontenot. “He knew something wasn’t right and that’s why he came and told us.”

Sydney spent one night at Seattle Children’s Hospital but she’s doing okay. Her family missed the rest of the Super Bowl game but ordered the DVDs so they can finish watching the game.

Courtesy of KOMO News

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