US Coast Guard Approved CPR & First Aid Training

Captains License First Aid/CPR/AED

OUPV (Six Pak) - 100 ton Master

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Certification and Credential Requirements for Mariners

All mariners (persons employed in a sea-going vessel) employed aboard U.S. merchant vessels and operators of uninspected passenger vessels (such as charter fishing guides and tour boat operators) are required to have a currently valid certificate of completion of an USCG approved first aid and CPR course. ASHI and MEDIC First Aid courses are USCG approved. Effective September 1, 2010, all certificates provided to students completing a USCG approved course must contain the following specific information:

  1. Name of the course or program

  2. Name of the training organization

  3. A specific course code, which will be provided by the National Maritime Center

  4. Date of completion

  5. Location where the training was conducted

  6. Name of the Student

  7. Signature of authorized representative of the school




Captains License

OUPV - 100 Ton Masters

Not an STCW Course

American Red Cross

Approved for

Captains License

OUPV - 100 Ton Masters

Not an STCW Course



NWR Provides these courses at several locations throughout the Puget Sound.

Our Featured Venue is the Center For Wooden Boats in Seattle.  The schedule is listed here, just click a link for additional details.


ARC Bremerton

ARC Port Townsend

On-Site Training available

All courses have an early registration savings!

Captain Bliss is a Licensed USCG Master Mariner who logs approximately 2800 hours a year in various safety training courses from BT (formerly BST), Emergency Medical Responder, complex SAR (Search and Rescue) training courses and Fast Rescue Boat OTW operations.

Bill Davis Avatar
Bill Davis

positive review  Just completed a First Aid & CPR course taught by Thomas at Northwest Response. This course was excellent and fun, and it satisfied the Coast Guard requirements for my Captain’s license. I highly recommend it! 9/25/2018

As a cold water survival expert; Thomas has traveled to the far reaches of the planet including the Beaufort Sea, 270 miles north of the arctic circle to teach cold water survival to seismic ship-board exploration crews.

Captain Bliss also works alongside Captain Jeffrey Sanders of The United States Maritime Academy for OUPV thru 100 Ton Masters Captains Licensing certification, often offered at the Center For Wooden Boats.

Captain Bliss recently completed essential shipboard Emergency Medical Response training to the crew of the newly christened 269' National Geographic, Lindbald Expedition vessel "Venture."

For the past twenty seven (27) years Captain Bliss has resided in the Maritime Community of Gig Harbor, Washington. He is a former Assistant Director for Fremont Maritime Services/India Tango where he specialized in Maritime Safety and Response Training, and continues to serve with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary as a COXSWAIN, and Flotilla Commander for the Bremerton Flotilla 4-5, and USCG AUX Gig Harbor Detachment Leader. He also served as a Flotilla Staff Officer in Communications (SO-CS) in the 13th Coast Guard District. 

Thomas dedicates his time to educate professional mariners, and recreational boaters. Founder of Northwest Response, Medical Training Enterprise, and Northwest First Aid; event stand-by EMS providing care and medical coverage to thousands of event patrons from marathons to music festivals, and private corporate events.

About Our Programs

The American Safety & Health Institute’s HSI First Aid resuscitation programs conform to National Standards and are based on the same scientific guidelines and treatment recommendations found in the 2015 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Science with Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR), the same as those used by the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Red Cross (ARC) for course development.

These programs are accepted as equivalent to the AHA and ARC by many state regulatory authorities, the Department of Homeland Security United States Coast Guard, and others. MEDIC First Aid is consistent with OSHA’s best practices for first aid training programs.

Intended Audience

  • Maritime Professionals
  • Occupational First Aid providers
  • Any Citizen Lay Responder

Course Length

  • Basic FA/CPR/AED
    • 4.5 Hours
  • Blended FA/CPR/AED
    • Online : 2 Hrs
    • In Class 2 hrs
  • Boater/Mariner Advanced
    • In Class 8 hrs


Written Evaluation:
Required when specified by organizational, local, or state regulation.  Recommended for designated responders with a duty or employer expectation to respond in an emergency, and provide first aid care.

*Note: HSI certification cards are delivered electronically.