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Standby Event Medical Services – Washington State

Photo Above: Northwest Response First Aid Station at Timber Fest 2019

Northwest Response (EMS) Event Medical Services

Do you have a “Special Event” that requires Stand By EMS?
We have you covered!
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Since 2012 Northwest Response has provided Event Medical Services under the “Northwest First Aid” Banner. In 2018 “Northwest First Aid” and “Northwest Response” merged to combine both Event Medical Services and Emergency Medical Response Training.

Our teams of Doctors, EMTs and EMRs love helping people, and can provide up to five (5) mobile First Aid stations anywhere in Washington State.

Our teams are nimble; capable of deploying a single responder with a “Roll-In-Roll-Out” Kit who can be uniformed or in plain clothes for the “low-key” event, or spin-up a Full Station or Stations with multiple responders to cover your Special Event needs.

Two of SFD finest Paramedics hanging with us during CHBP.

Example: Capitol Hill Block Party with tens of thousands of attendees where we worked closely with local Seattle Fire Department  (SFD) Paramedics who worked alongside “Medic One” for the event.

Smaller events can utilize our Production Event Medical which can comprise of a single responder. A recent example is our work with “America’s Test Kitchen” Cook’s Illustrated 25th Birthday Bash in Seattle as well as the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Traffic Safety Production shoot.

Amber feeding a Horse from our ATV/UTV during the “Beat The Blerch” Marathon, a Remote Medical Event in the Cascade Mountains.

Why add us as backup?
We can handle virtually any medical emergency that may arise at your event. When you rely solely on The Fire Department; they could very well be called to an emergency, and the FD Medics would need to transport an event patron which would leave your area uncovered. We will never leave your event to answer another emergency call; we are there from beginning to end.

Hiring Standby EMS may be a preference, or it may be a city, county or state requirement; check your local permit applications.

Choose Northwest Response for Standby EMS Services in Washington State.
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