LIFEPAK CR Plus Defibrillator

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May Qualify For Free CPR/AED Training. Details Below.

At Physio-Control, our reputation—and our mission—is built on confidence. The confidence that comes from over 50 years of innovation, a steadfast commitment to quality, and a position as the global leader in defibrillation. The confidence that comes from manufacturing the lifesaving equipment of choice for more EMS and hospital units around the world than any other brand. The confidence that comes from knowing that the LIFEPAK CR Plus defibrillator in your office, the airport, or your child’s school can simply, safely, and effectively help someone save a life.


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LIFEPAK CR Plus Defibrillator

Simple to use. Simple to manage. Simple to transfer care to professionals. And effective in saving the life of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

Simple enough. Strong enough.

If your life were at risk from sudden cardiac arrest—if you needed the help of a colleague, friend, or passerby—what lifesaving equip- ment would you want nearby? Certainly an AED that is easy to use by a non-profess- ional responder. But what about an AED that could escalate in power if the standard shock level was ineffective at restarting your heart? The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED has the capability to deliver a shock at 360 joules, the highest available power level in the industry.

Why 360 joules?

A joule (J) is a unit of energy used as the measurement of shock strength provided by an AED. An initial shock from the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is delivered at 200 joules (200J), which has been shown to be effective at de brillating the heart of a majority of sudden cardiac arrest victims. However, some patients are more difficult to defibrillate than others, and an ineffective shock can leave them in VF longer and increase costly interruptions in CPR.

Physio-Control only offers AEDs with a full range of energy, with default escalating settings of 200J, 300J, and 360J. A recent study has shown a statistically signi cant bene t for higher escalating shocks compared to xed lower-energy shocks in patients with VF who required more than one de brillation shock.3 In addition, the American Heart Association has provided guidance on the importance of coordinating good CPR with de brillation to minimize interruptions in chest compressions.4

Simply put, we believe the capacity for 360 joules gives patients a better opportunity for a better outcome.
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*May Qualify For Free CPR/AED Training! 

When you purchase a new AED from Northwest Response, we can provide FREE Emergency Medical Response, CPR/AED training for customers within our service area.

Classes are approximately One (1) hour in length, and covers the entire response protocols for suspected Heart Attack & Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

You can invite your whole company or group to attend provided you have enough space to conduct the training. Your training facility must comply with our safe, warm and clean learning environment standards.  Upon completion we will award Two (2) OSHA & L&I recognized CPR/AED Certificates to ensure your compliance.  The remainder of your attendees will receive a Northwest Response Certificate of Participation in the CPR/AED Awareness Program.

To schedule your training session; first purchase your AED unit and one of our trainers will contact you about delivery options, and training dates.

If you have any pre-purchase questions please call or email us, we are happy to assist you in your purchasing decisions and questions.

Our Service area encompasses all of Western Washington. However we will require a mileage fee for distances greater than 50 miles from our home base in Gig Harbor Washington.  Mileage fee is calculated at .52¢ per mile.  The first 50 miles is on us.

Should you wish to certify more than two individuals, additional certificates are available for $27.00 each.  Certificates are issued by one of the following: The American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI), The Health and Safety Institute (HSI), or American Red Cross (ARC) for CPR/AED only, not including first Aid.