Per-Diem / Contract EMT-EMR Jobs in Washington State

Northwest Response provides Event First Aid Stations throughout Washington State.

  • Concerts
  • Athletic Events
  • Private Parties & Company Picnics
  • Festivals & Parades
  • Client List (check it out, we do cool stuff)

We are seeking a few enthusiastic First Aid Providers to work with us at our Events.

Thomas on the right with his two Event Medical Services team mates, Luana, & Dave

You must like to work with people. Any people!

Ninety nine percent (99%) of what we do is treat “Boo-Boos”! We also dispense a lot of Band-Aids and Cold Paks at our athletic events.

Some of the events work us hard and those are classified as “Festivals.” Any Festival will gift you with the over-partied, under hydrated, heat exhausted, heat stroked individual that did something really stupid and just barfed on you or sometimes worse, but in all reality; those encounters are very rare. We mostly have fun, enjoy being in service to the community as well as to our Producers and the Promoters.

event ems
Capitol Hill Block Party

NWR requires you to be dialed in on your BLS skills, because it’s all fun and games until…

We do not transport! Unconscious, unresponsive, #OMG moment = 911!

Criteria (quals), Compensation, and Uniform Requirements.

  • Ideally we are looking for:
    • EMT’s with current agency attachment: FD (City or County Firefighter EMT)
    • USCG-EMT
    • Ambulance Service (Northwest, AMR etc.)
    • EMR with BLS
    • ER Tech
    • Nurse (RN)
    • Nurse (LPN)
    • PA
    • Need emergency medical skills
  • Must have own transportation.
  • Must be able to work weekends. Most athletic event shifts are on Sunday’s from 7am to 1:00pm, but dates and times can vary.


Team Members:
Per-diem starts out at $20.00 per hour with a guaranteed $140.00 per shift. No matter how short the shift; it’s $20.00 per hour or $140.00 per shift what ever is greater.

Team leaders who have a vehicle to deliver a station (small SUV or larger) and set up stations receive $26.00 per hour or $160.00 per shift; what ever is greater.

Team Leader w/ Storage:
If you can safely secure and store a station as well as man a station; compensation starts at $30.00 per hour with a $175.00 minimum shift fee.


  • New Team Members will be responsible for acquiring proper attire.
    • Shirt and Patchs, Black or Navy Cargo Pants. BBP class Boots, and Outer Wear for weather.
    • The Uniform shirt and patch cost will be reimbursed during your first six (6) shifts. Pants, Boots and Outer Wear are at the team members expense.


We provide all of the equipment so there is no need to bring a kit (unless you want to).

If you meet the criteria, and agree to the above conditions; please fill out the form below. Also, be sure to upload a resume in PDF format.

We will get back to you as soon as possible because we need people like you, and thank you for your interest in working with NWR.