boaters first aid course at the Center for Wooden Boats Seattle

Recreational Boater First Aid, CPR/AED classes at CWB Seattle

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Recreational Boater First Aid at CWB Seattle   One of the challenges in “First Aid” training for the recreational boater and/or avid sailor is that you have generic classes and hybrid classes with not much in-between. The generic classes leave you wanting, and the hybrid classes could cost you thousands of dollars. A MedPic class is certainly worth it, but …

What Questions to Ask During a Medical Emergency or When Providing First Aid?

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If you have taken a basic First Aid, CPR/AED class you may have wandered out of the classroom thinking “I’m set”,  I can help anyone!  You have knowledge, skills, but…when you are faced with a sudden illness what questions do you ask?  What is important? Did your instructor cover what questions to ask? Every single class we hold we provide …

heat stroke

Heat Related Illness

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Don’t be fooled, Heat & Cold Related Illness can happen anywhere. Q. Where can you suffer from a heat related and a cold related medical emergency in the same location all in the same day? A. Just about anyplace in Western Washington. As Washingtonian’s we are acclimatized to our weather, thats why when the mercury start’s to approach 80º we start to feel the …

National Safe Boating Week

National Safe Boating Week comes ashore May 18 through 24

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Gig Harbor, WA – May 13th, 2019 – It’s no accident that the National Safe Boating Week campaign coincides with the beginning of boating and fishing seasons. During this year’s campaign, May 18 through 24, boating safety professionals and marine law enforcement from around the state are increasing the emphasis on boating safety while encouraging people to have fun on Washington’s beautiful waters. “Of course, …

Boating Season Safety Tips

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Most critical boating accidents stem from these 11 events. Zach Stovall Boating accidents make news. Maybe it’s a throwback to the great tales of misadventure at sea. Maybe it’s their novelty; many mundane activities are statistically riskier. But beyond the headlines, one or more of a relative handful of causes are usually to blame, says Randy Vance, editor-at-large at Boating. …

Free Vessel Safety Checks

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A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is performed at your boat − ranging in locations from boat to your driveway. A vessel safety check usually takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon the size of your boat What’s In it For Me? Vessels passing safety checks are awarded a U.S. Coast Guard / Auxiliary Decal that informs: Coast Guard / Auxiliary …

Washington State Daycare Workers CPR Training Requirements

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WATERTOWN, Mass. – The owner of Strawberry Child Care Center in Watertown, where a 5-month old died in September, acknowledged the CPR training certificates she submitted to state regulators were fake.  © 2019 Cox Media Group. During a Division of Administrative Law Appeals hearing in Boston, Monica Ryan, told a magistrate that she believes CPR certificates for herself and another top …

Awake During CPR?? WHAT NOW?

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This video is from my favorite Doc, ZUBIN DAMANIA, MD.   UCSF/Stanford trained internal medicine physician and founder of Turntable Health, an innovative primary care clinic and model for Health 3.0 that was part of an ambitious urban revitalization movement in Las Vegas spearheaded by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. During a decade-long career as a hospitalist at Stanford, Doctor Damania led a shadow life performing stand-up comedy …

Standby Event EMS First Aid Stations Washington State

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Event Medical Services by Northwest Response Northwest Response, formerly Northwest First Aid provides Standby Event First Aid Services for many of our regions event promoters.  From small family fun runs, to multi day events our Northwest Response West Coast Emergency Medical Response teams have a plan to fit your needs.  Whether you need a single Emergency Medical Responder, or a …