New First Responders Hitting the Streets

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first aid,cpr,aed classesBusy for us, is good for you and the community.

One of the great things about my job is with the conclusion of each class more First-Aiders are going out into the community armed with the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond to medical emergencies in the home, office or workplace. One of the byproducts is a safer community as each new responder is more keenly aware of his/her surroundings and the dangers that may be present. Its amazing how talking about scenarios that cause injuries requiring first aid leads to heightened awareness and hence a safer workplace.


This week is a particularly busy one for us as we will be facilitating Red Cross Blended Learning sessions in the West Sound office of the American Red Cross in Bremerton for responders re-certifying, and two days of classes for a group from the Pacific Maritime Association, at MITAGS-PMI. Roughly 24 new responders will hit the streets by Friday February 22nd.


Sometimes while driving around the Puget Sound I’ll notice a site where we have held a class and I think to myself,  I know that site is ready, or that one has a great group of trained first aiders. Not that I’d want to have a sudden illness or be in need of first aid, but I know where I would get great pre-hospital care should the situation ever present itself.


Take a look around your office or home today and ask yourself …are we prepared for a medical emergency?  Do we have the training we need to respond quickly to someone in distress? Is our First Aid Kit fully stocked? Should we consider placing an AED in our home or office?  Are we required by law to have trained personnel on site? If you were unsure about any of those questions, then take the time today to schedule a few hours with us to learn the vital skills that could someday save the life of a co-worker, or loved one. Our classes are informative, empowering, and most say fun to attend.


We would like to add you to our ever growing list of “Safe Worksites”, and “Capable First Responders”, and now is a great time to reserve your seat in one of our classes. For more information on attending a Red Cross First Aid Class, please visit this page for a very special offer from Northwest Response.

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