Heart Surgeon For a Day

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Today Thomas will be scrubbing in as a Doc For a Day!

The event will be live-tweeted by @Swedish, using the hashtag #SwedishDoc4Day.

About the event:

Dr. Glenn Barnhart and the team at the Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute in Seattle are inviting 15 members of the public (including students) to become a “Heart Surgeons for a Day” on Wednesday, Feb. 26, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Randomly selected individuals will spend time learning about the heart and its key parts. These individuals will see how Swedish surgeons are using the latest technology to prevent, diagnose, and treat heart disease.

As part of the event, participants will:

  • Receive their own Swedish medical scrubs, just like a surgeon
  • Examine a human heart and video footage from a live surgery
  • Participate in interactive demonstrations using surgical tools such as the da Vinci robot.
  • Receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute
  • At the conclusion of the event, Dr. Barnhart and other cardiologists and cardiac surgeons will host a lunch session to answer questions and provide more hands-on time with surgical tools and technology.

“Heart Surgeon for a Day” Tentative Schedule of Events:

9:30 AM: Scrub up with your new pair of medical scrubs
9:45AM: Breakfast and meet and greet with other participants and physicians
10 AM: Welcome
10:10 AM: Watch part of a heart surgery and prepare for hands-on demonstrations and exercises
10:30: Take part in an interactive session with all the tools and technology of cardiac surgery, including the opportunity to see a human heart.
11:30 AM: Guided behind-the-scenes tour
12:15 PM: Lunch and Q&A session
12:45-1:00 PM: Event conclusion, with additional time for hands-on demonstrations

Stay in touch with Swedish after the event:


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