heat stroke

Heat Related Illness

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Don’t be fooled, Heat & Cold Related Illness can happen anywhere. Q. Where can you suffer from a heat related and a cold related medical emergency in the same location all in the same day? A. Just about anyplace in Western Washington. As Washingtonian’s we are acclimatized to our weather, thats why when the mercury start’s to approach 80º we start to feel the …

Mariner Refresher Training

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Refresher Training An important feature of the Manila amendments is the additional emphasis given to the need for seafarers’ standards of competence to be maintained throughout their careers. All seafarers are now required to provide evidence of appropriate levels of competence in basic safety training (including survival, fire-fighting, first aid, and personal safety) every five years. Much of this refresher …

Lessons in Hurricane Sandy for Washington State

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What can we learn from Sandy. Sandy was a pretty devastating storm that ripped through the eastern seaboard, lots of property damage, but the human suffering is still on-going. Here in the Pacific Northwest the likelihood of a “storm” on the scale like Sandy is pretty rare, we do have high winds that can and have done as much damage …