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Northwest First Aid & Northwest Response Merge

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Since 2012 Northwest First Aid & Northwest Response have operated independently of each other, however in late 2017 the team decided to join together the two entities into one operation, combining both our west coast emergency medical response operations and our EMS training under a single company “Northwest Response.” Over the past six years Northwest First Aid has provided “stand-by” event …

Trawler Fest 2018

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Attendees Download>> “Vessel Emergency Response Handout” Information about  Safety & Rescue at Sea Course The goal of “Safety and Rescue at Sea” is to prepare captains to be as safe as possible when heading offshore. To be sure, there are plenty of specific tips, but the real value of the course is the philosophy of safety and risk that it …

Free CPR/AED Class With Purchase of Any Automated External Defibrillator

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Wouldn’t it be nice if all AED’s came with Complimentary Training? Two new surveys commissioned by the American Heart Association have revealed troubling results across key U.S. industries, indicating that employees are very unprepared for medical emergencies in the workplace. Among the top findings, the surveys found that most American employees have not received cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External …

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Environmental Medical Emergencies – Hypothermia

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Hypothermia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments Hypothermia, or abnormally low body temperature, is a dangerous condition that can occur when a person is exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Stay safe this winter by learning more about hypothermia, including who is most at risk, signs and symptoms, and what to do if someone develops hypothermia. What is Hypothermia? Hypothermia is caused by …

Asbestos Awareness Training Seattle,Tacoma,Olympia

Annual Asbestos Awareness Training is Back!

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Northwest Response is Very Happy to Announce “on-site” Annual Asbestos Awareness Training in The Pacific Northwest.   This program is for Maintenance Workers, School Custodians, Restoration Contractors, Abatement Workers, Electricians,  Roofing Contractors, Flooring Contractors, Painters, Demolition Workers, Shipyard Workers, and more.  Annual Asbestos Awareness Training may be a requirement for your employees. If you need Asbestos Awareness Training and you …

Play it Safe This 4th

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Happy Independence Day! The 4th of July is today and many people will enjoy fireworks or fire up the grill for a backyard barbecue, and we all know that the potential injury, burns and fires can result if we are not careful. Between June 22, 2012 and July 22, 2012, more than 5,000 consumers were treated in hospital emergency rooms due …

What Questions to Ask During a Medical Emergency or When Providing First Aid?

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If you have taken a basic First Aid, CPR/AED class you may have wandered out of the classroom thinking “I’m set”,  I can help anyone!  You have knowledge, skills, but…when you are faced with a sudden illness what questions do you ask?  What is important? Did your instructor cover what questions to ask? Every single class we hold we provide …

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Heat Stroke? Really!?

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How Can We Possibly Talk About Heat Stroke? We know, we know… Its April and we’ve had more cold days, and more recorded rain in something like 100 years.  But the thing is…. we all know its coming… SUMMER! Can You Spot Heat Stroke? Let’s face it – in this Washington weather, when the sun comes out we go running for it. …

Electricians First Aid CEUs

First Aid CPR and AED Training CEUs for Electricians

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Northwest Response Now Offers Continuing Education (CEU’s) for Electrical Administrators and Electricians. If you are an Electrician, and need CEU’s, and would like to have your First Aid, CPR/AED class time as part of your hours you must choose a Labor & Industries authorized provider, otherwise the hours will not count toward your CEU’s. As of December 29th, 2017 Northwest Response is …

What to Do If You See a Pet in a Parked Car

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It takes only minutes to save a life Leaving pets locked in cars is never safe. But when the weather gets warmer, it can be deadly. High temperatures can cause irreparable organ damage and even death. How to help a pet left in a hot car Take down the car’s make, model and license-plate number. If there are businesses nearby, …