heat stroke

Heat Related Illness

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Don’t be fooled, Heat & Cold Related Illness can happen anywhere. Q. Where can you suffer from a heat related and a cold related medical emergency in the same location all in the same day? A. Just about anyplace in Western Washington. As Washingtonian’s we are acclimatized to our weather, thats why when the mercury start’s to approach 80º we start to feel the …

Standby Event EMS First Aid Stations Washington State

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Event Medical Services by Northwest Response Northwest Response, formerly Northwest First Aid provides Standby Event First Aid Services for many of our regions event promoters.  From small family fun runs, to multi day events our Northwest Response West Coast Emergency Medical Response teams have a plan to fit your needs.  Whether you need a single Emergency Medical Responder, or a …

Standby Event EMS Services

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Northwest Response Pacific Northwest Standby Event Medical Response Service. Not only do we train Emergency Medical Responders, we also provide Event Medical Services.  Our client list speaks for itself, from Marathons to Music festivals, and everything in-between, on land or sea, we are ready for your event.  We are a team of professionals committed to the safety and success of your …

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Northwest First Aid & Northwest Response Merge

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Since 2012 Northwest First Aid & Northwest Response have operated independently of each other, however in late 2017 the team decided to join together the two entities into one operation, combining both our west coast emergency medical response operations and our EMS training under a single company “Northwest Response.” Over the past six years Northwest First Aid has provided “stand-by” event …

sea sickness, motion sickness

Seasickness or Motion Sickness, whatever you call it, it sucks!

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First Aid For Recreational Boaters   As I’ve shared earlier I have the amazing opportunity and pleasure of writing a course for “Boaters University” on basic first aid for the Recreational Boater. This course will be available through Boaters University in the Fall. While researching content that is specifically designed for the Recreational Boater, I have come across some real gems …

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Environmental Medical Emergencies – Hypothermia

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Hypothermia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments Hypothermia, or abnormally low body temperature, is a dangerous condition that can occur when a person is exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Stay safe this winter by learning more about hypothermia, including who is most at risk, signs and symptoms, and what to do if someone develops hypothermia. What is Hypothermia? Hypothermia is caused by …

heat stroke

Heat Stroke? Really!?

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How Can We Possibly Talk About Heat Stroke? We know, we know… Its April and we’ve had more cold days, and more recorded rain in something like 100 years.  But the thing is…. we all know its coming… SUMMER! Can You Spot Heat Stroke? Let’s face it – in this Washington weather, when the sun comes out we go running for it. …

ZOLL maritime AED package

Sudden Cardiac Arrest at Sea; the case for AEDs Onboard

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest at Sea Preparing for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) on Recreational and Work Boats, and the deployment of an AED is Critical in the response, treatment and survivability of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Boaters invest a great deal in making their vessels ship shape and safe, from high-end electronics, to communications and safety gear such as life rafts, personal …

Whose Life Will You Save Today? There’s an app for that!

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ENABLING CITIZEN SUPERHEROES. Help build the most comprehensive registry of AEDs for use during emergencies. The Pacific Northwest is one of those areas that is blessed with more trained responders than just about any other place in the country, only second to Rochester, Minnesota. We have thousands of trained CPR/AED responders in our neighborhoods and workplaces, and most, if not all, …

Rough Landing for Lt. j.g. Allison Murray

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Shipmate of the Week – Lt. j.g. Allison Murray Posted by LT Stephanie Young, Friday, March 28, 2014 Lt. j.g. Allison Murray with the aircrew she worked with to rescue a man on a commercial flight. Photo courtesy of Lt. j.g. Allison Murray. As executive officer of a patrol boat operating throughout U.S. Central Command’s area of responsibility, Lt. j.g. Allison Murray …