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Standby Event EMS First Aid Stations Washington State

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Event Medical Services by Northwest Response Northwest Response, formerly Northwest First Aid provides Standby Event First Aid Services for many of our regions event promoters.  From small family fun runs, to multi day events our Northwest Response West Coast Emergency Medical Response teams have a plan to fit your needs.  Whether you need a single Emergency Medical Responder, or a …

National Geographic Vessel Venture, EMR Training Day

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Maritime Shipboard Emergency Medical Response Training By Captain Thomas E. Bliss November 7th is a big day for me, and for more reasons than the election, its Emergency Medical Response Training day for the crew of the newest ship in National Geographic’s fleet, the Vessel “Venture.” As a maritime training professional I don’t always lead such an exciting life of …

Vessel or Ship Emergency Medical Response Checklist

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Medical Emergency at Sea What do we do?  What do we ask? If you boat you should be current in First Aid, CPR/AED, if you aren’t then now is the time to take a class, because stuff happens on boats, just sayin. Im often asked how do I remember all the questions, and checks for a sudden illness event, well …