Vessel or Ship Emergency Medical Response Checklist

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Medical Emergency at Sea What do we do?  What do we ask? If you boat you should be current in First Aid, CPR/AED, if you aren’t then now is the time to take a class, because stuff happens on boats, just sayin. Im often asked how do I remember all the questions, and checks for a sudden illness event, well …

sea sickness, motion sickness

Seasickness or Motion Sickness, whatever you call it, it sucks!

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First Aid For Recreational Boaters   As I’ve shared earlier I have the amazing opportunity and pleasure of writing a course for “Boaters University” on basic first aid for the Recreational Boater. This course will be available through Boaters University in the Fall. While researching content that is specifically designed for the Recreational Boater, I have come across some real gems …

Cardiac Emergencies at Sea.

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Be Ready for Cardiac Emergencies at Sea. Every Second Counts! At sea, whether on a large ship or a small boat, access to emergency services is often hours away. This means that in the event of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), your crew must be prepared to act within the critical ten-minute window. While CPR is an important life-saving step, without …