Amy Sedaris Teaches Jimmy Fallon CPR…Not

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A Great Opportunity Missed.

At first glance the “skit” with Amy Sedaris & Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show seemed to have all the earmarks of a great PSA, what to do in the event of a medical emergency involving Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

In life there are times to be funny, and times to be serious, and sometimes you can do both and get a clear message out on why to do in the event that a loved one is suffering from a SCA or Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Amy & Jimmy failed in my opinion to do either.

The fact is SCA is very serious, and most don’t survive.  Demonstrating horrible CPR and using a Manual external defibrillator, and not the typical Public Access Automated External Defibrillator sent a confusing message.

Jimmy, Amy…  How about a “Do Over”, Your pulpit is very powerful, and you can do great things in the way of educating and entertaining the viewing public.  Happy to assist in any way I can.

Thomas Bliss
CEO Northwest Response.

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