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aed's for schools, automated external defibrillatorsEvery School Needs an AED

We see the news, the  youtube videos, we read about how an AED saved the life of Matt, or Karen or Bob, but yet getting an AED into the School system often comes down to budgets, or the lack thereof. At Northwest Response we want to do something about it, and get AED’s into as many Schools as we can, but we need your help.

We have an agreement with ZOLL, the manufacturers of the ZOLL AEDPlus and ZOLL AEDPro, that for every 15 AED’s we place we will be given one ZOLL AEDPlus as a bonus. We are able to place that AED into our stock, or we can give it away. We would rather give it away to a deserving school, especially one with an athletics department.

The Catch (always… right!)

The catch is that we need to submit 15 orders at one time before we qualify for the ZOLL offer. It would not be fair to our clients who order an AED to wait for 15 orders to come in before we ask the factory to ship, so this is our promise, and our challenge to you.

If one company or person orders 15 AED’s we give one extra to the company/person to give away to the person or entity of your choice. If Northwest Response receives 15 orders in any 48hr cycle we will give one AED to a School in our county.

This is a heck of a challenge, but we think it can be done. We will post our total sales per 48 hour cycle here on this blog post.

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