About Northwest Response

Located in the Pacific Northwest

We primarily provide onsite training for corporate clients with open enrollment courses in Bremerton at the American Red Cross offices, and the occasional open enrollment in Gig Harbor at the Inn of Gig Harbor

Our Staff

Senior Instructors: Thomas Bliss, Dave Larkin are all acknowledged subject matter experts in Lay Responder through Emergency Medical Responder by occupation, and as Licensed Authorized Instructors.

Our Core Values

Our OSHA, Labor & Industries and USCG approved certification courses are designed to enhance confidence levels, strengthen skills, and foster a safer, more informed First Aid Responder.

We Foster Education

Northwest Response is dedicated to educating and empowering lay responders through professional emergency medical responders with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed, safe decisions when responding to a medical emergency whether at home, on the job, or in a public environment.

We Pursue Excellence

Northwest Response trains responders; we are not a certificate mill. If your goal is to learn how to respond to a medical emergency, or train your personnel, then we are your training solution.

We Are In Practice

Northwest Response trainers are dedicated healthcare professionals from EMR’s through Paramedics. We are passionate about training, and saving lives. You get real world examples, and real world expectations in emergency medical response.

We Create Fun

Most of our clients report back to us how informative and fun it is to attend one of our classes. We believe that adult education should be fun and informative; never a dull moment in our courses.

About The Founder

Captain Thomas Bliss is a Licensed USCG Master Mariner and self described “Safety Nerd” who has logged approximately 2800 hours a year in various safety training courses from BST, Emergency Medical Responder, complex SAR (Search and Rescue) training courses and Fast Rescue Boat OTW operations. As a cold water survival expert Thomas has traveled to the far reaches of the planet including the Beaufort Sea,  270 miles north of the Arctic Circle to teach cold water survival to seismic ship-board exploration crews.

A former Assistant Director for Fremont Maritime Services/India Tango where he specialized in Maritime Safety and Response Training; Thomas continues to serve with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary as a COXSWAIN in the 13th Coast Guard District. Thomas dedicates his time not only to educate professional mariners, but also to community recreational boating education.

Thomas is also the founder Northwest First Aid, an event stand-by EMS service providing care and medical coverage to thousands of event patrons from Marathons to Music Festivals.

For the past 25 years Thomas has resided in the Maritime Community of Gig Harbor, WA.

  • positive review Just completed a First Aid & CPR course taught by Thomas at Northwest Response. This course was excellent and fun, and it satisfied the Coast Guard requirements for my Captain’s license. I highly recommend it!

    Bill Davis Avatar
    Bill Davis

    Best CPR/1st aid instruction I have seen or taken. I use these guys exclusively. Realistic talk, extremely personalized, and fun.

    Jeffrey Ericksen Avatar
    Jeffrey Ericksen
  • Best CPR, AED and First Aid class I've taken through an employer. Thomas Bliss is entertaining and enthusiastic which makes learning fun and memorable. I picked everything up easily again and had the steps down quickly, all while laughing and enjoying myself. If you want your staff to retain what you are paying for, this is the outfit and your guy. Great class!

    Katie Quesada Avatar
    Katie Quesada

    positive review Tom was a great First Aid and CPR teacher. He is very knowledgeable and clear and funny in his teaching. Highly recommend.

    Steve Coombes Avatar
    Steve Coombes
  • positive review Great instructors, learned new skills in a fun way. Highly recommend!

    Linda Erwin-Gallagher Avatar
    Linda Erwin-Gallagher

    positive review Tom taught the CPR, AED and First Aid class for our company and it was great. Our employees learned a lot and had a great time. Definitely recommend for team training.

    Jenn Nichipor Avatar
    Jenn Nichipor
  • Great CPR and First Aide Class !!!! Highly recommended with Thomas!

    Kay Drinkwater Avatar
    Kay Drinkwater

    positive review Tom was great! Funny, good stories to make things real and helped out team to feel like they were more comfortable with their knowledge!

    Joel Mertens Avatar
    Joel Mertens