264 First Aid, CPR/AED Students in October!?

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Thanksgiving Indeed!

We certainly hope that you had a very Happy Thanksgiving. We had a lot to be thankful for and we owe much of that to you.

We started Northwest Response in 2012 with one goal mind; to provide the best First Aid Training in Washington State. While the start up months and subsequent years were challenging, we persevered through an ever changing small business climate.

Since our initial class back in January of 2012, we have been trusted to deliver courses to thousands of individuals seeking to learn new skills or refresh their knowledge of First Aid, CPR/AED and emergency medical response.

October was one of the most fantastic months in NWR’s five year history, and we wanted to share the numbers with you as well as offer a gift in return.

First The Numbers:

264 First Aid, CPR/AED Students
70 Respirator Fit Tests Given
24 Asbestos Awareness Certificates

October was an exceptional month in more ways than one.
Ninety percent (90%) of the courses we delivered were held at a clients worksite or office. Due to this heavy demand for onsite training, we have begun to pare down our open enrollment courses and locations, and will only offer a few open enrollment classes per month for at least the immediate future.

For our Gig Harbor friends.
The final two Gig Harbor classes will be held at The Inn at Gig Harbor on December 15th and 16th, 2017.

What’s ahead for 2018?
Starting in January, we will only be offering open enrollment classes at The American Red Cross Office in Bremerton. Our focus will be pointed to “on-site” training with more course options for our clients including “Blended Learning”.

Our Gift To You

We could not have achieved our success without your trust and support, and wanted to offer you a coupon for 15% off your next open enrollment class.

Use coupon code “thank-you” at registration checkout.

The Coupon Expires February 1st, 2018
So be sure to use it before the expiration date,
The coupon is valid for any class posted on our calendar through April 2018
And please share the coupon with a friend.

Link to Last Gig Harbor Classes

Link to 2018 Bremerton Classes

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