2013 Resolutions

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Last Blog Post of 2012


What can we say about 2012 other than it has been a very complex year.


This writer will be all too happy to see the back side of it, and renew my prescription of hope for a better year to come for us all.


Notwithstanding, the experts imploring us to forego making resolutions for the “New Year” as apparently we seem to fail miserably at them; I do hope that readers of this post will resolve to do one thing this year, and that’s to learn the life saving skills that come from a full Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED course.


You may have different ideas about resolutions. I have a list of things I want to do for myself; lose that final few pounds, exercise, relax more and stress less, be a better friend, and be a better person overall.  These are the things that certainly can make me feel better about being me.  But, in terms of feeling good about ones self I can think of one thing that you can do right now that requires no will power, no diets, no memberships or counseling, and that’s acquiring the skills to save a life!


I know of no other activity in the world that can compare with the feeling of saving a persons life.  No drug, no extreme sport can match the feeling you get when you have the confidence, skills and equipment to render aid to a person having a medical emergency.


I would ask anyone reading this post to resolve to set aside eight (8) of the 8760 hours that will make up 2013 to take a Red Cross First Aid, CPR & AED course, and to involve other friends, family or co-workers in the experience


Trust me, should the skills you acquire ever be needed, and you render aid and comfort; you will experience no other feeling like it in the world.


Happy New Year Everyone.

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