red cross first aid instructorsFirst Aid Training Classes by Northwest Response, Red Cross Licensed Training Provider.

United States Coast Guard Approved per 46CFR10.205

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 About Red Cross Licensed Training Providers (LTP)

Licensed Training Providers and Authorized providers are collaborators with the Red Cross in providing quality Health and Safety Services training in local communities.  Whether providing training for their own employees, volunteers, clients or members of the community; authorized providers have an obligation to provide the highest quality training possible.


First Aid Training for all Responders

Basic First Aid

Lay Responders
Office Staff
Day Care Workers
School Administrators

Advanced First Aid For The Professional Responder

Maritime Professionals


Our instructors are certified, and many are Professional First Responders, Firefighters, EMT’s and Medics.

Whether it’s Basic First Aid, OSHA compliant or First Aid for the Professional Responder; Northwest Response has a class to fit your schedule, specific needs and budget.

The First Aid/CPR/AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) program includes the following courses and modules, any of which can be combined (e.g., Standard First Aid with CPR/AED—Adult):

First Aid


Optional First Aid Modules and Lessons

  • Asthma Inhaler
  • Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injector
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Administering Emergency Oxygen

Red Cross Program Content

The technical content within the First Aid/CPR/ AED program reflects the most current consensus on scientific recommendations.  The program content includes the knowledge and skills necessary for participants to safely identify and give appropriate care regardless of the type of emergency.  The program stresses the basic steps to follow in any emergency, beginning with the most important step – the decision to act – and helps participants confront their fears of getting involved and giving care.

red cross basic first aid classes and certificationThe program explains the emergency medical services (EMS) system, emphasizes the need for rapid medical assistance in an emergency, and provides instruction on appropriate care for a variety of injuries and sudden illnesses that lay responders may encounter in their workplaces, schools, communities and homes.

Courses range from 6.5 hr for Basic First Aid (BLS) to an 8 hr intensive Advanced First Aid (ALS).  All training materials, CPR mannequins, and practice AEDs are included.

All course work is portable.

For on-site classes; space required should include desks and seating for your group, approximately 300 square feet of carpeted floor space to practice.   A large projection screen or a big screen display for media presentation.  We have included a link to our standard class set up page for your convenience.

Upon successful completion, participants receive
A Red Cross wallet card certificate valid for two years.


We conduct a really informative and fun class.

Participants always have a great time and come away with the confidence to respond to medical emergencies.


Specific course fee information click either corporate or individual.


All Red Cross Adult First Aid Courses meet or exceed regulations for United States Coast Guard per 46CFR10.205:
(h) First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course certificates. All applicants for an original license or certificate of registry, except as provided in Secs. 10.429, 10.456, and 10.466 of this part, must present to the OCMI:
(1) A certificate indicating completion of a first aid course within the past 12 months from:
(i) The American National Red Cross Standard First Aid and Emergency Care or Multi-media Standard First Aid course;
(ii) A Coast Guard approved first aid training course; or,
(iii) A course the OCMI determines meets or exceeds the standards of the American Red Cross courses; and,
(2) A currently valid certificate of completion of a CPR course from:
(i) The American National Red Cross;
(ii) The American Heart Association;
(iii) A Coast Guard approved CPR training course; or,
(iv) A course the OCMI determines meets or exceeds the standards of the American Red Cross or American Heart Association courses.